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Etual Construction
Our History

Founded in 2014, the firm has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a major Albania presence, constructing many prominent projects in the country. At the company’s founding, ETUAL founders shared a belief that he could offer a distinctly different, service-oriented, personal approach to the construction industry, honoring the principles of craftsmanship, quality, and integrity. It’s our culture to make the right decisions by you. Always. It’s how we deliver value beyond the building.

To us, a project is not just a project. It’s an integral component of your business. As a 100% employee owned company, our team members bring care and true craftmanship to everything we build. Our people break the mold and give you a positive experience from preconstruction to closeout. At ETUAL, we distinguish ourselves by truly taking ownership of our projects while relying on our grit to complete them. As your advocate, we unfailingly do right by you. Your mission becomes our mission. We identify risk and communicate with honesty and transparency to build expectations you can depend on. Time and time again, our forward-thinking approach turns adversity into opportunity.